I have known Miriam for over 20 years. She has always been very supportive and really knows her stuff. She is full of ideas for any type of situation you find yourself in. When I needed a helping hand she was there for me. A+++
— Janine (Michigan)
Miriam Hatoum ("Granny Keto")

Miriam Hatoum ("Granny Keto")

My name is Miriam Hatoum, also known as "Granny Keto," and you can put your trust in me. I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother of two. I'm also a lifelong dieter. Not only that, but my dieting history will probably resonate with a lot of you if you are already fifty years old or older and this is not your first time looking for a weight loss strategy. 

I can help you nourish yourself in this new phase of your life

We are in a new season in our lives: we might have grandkids and all that entails, we might be caregivers for elderly parents, we might have demanding jobs – or be facing retirement, and we might still have our own children at home and spouses with their own ideas about what to eat. We may or may not want to deal with computerized food-tracking programs, we might be burned out on dieting mentality or we might be downsizing and cooking for one or two instead of a whole family.

Past diet failures are not your fault

You might feel that failure with diets has been your fault all these years. I am here to tell you it is not. My coaching program may be just what you need. But, to tell you the truth, even if you never sign up for coaching, it doesn’t matter – I hope you learn so much from this site (through blogs and recipes and my Keto FAQ page) and the accompanying social media (I have Facebook, Instagram, and a You Tube channel all under Granny Keto) that you will feel as though you have arrived with the help of a friend. 

Up to now, it's all been preparation to be your coach!

I have been through the coaching process myself as a client and I know the questions that need to be asked and answered on a Keto journey. I am a certified nutritional coach and have a degree in psychology, a master's degree in family counseling and another master's degree in education. I was not only a classroom teacher for many years, but I also had my own dance studio for more than 30 years. I am comfortable working with groups or one-on-one. My passion is education and teaching others. I will teach you about Keto or any of the steps in the Transitions program and you will come away as a teacher yourself, able to explain to your friends and family what you doing.

I'll share my family-friendly recipes with you

Granny Keto's husband and granddaughter love her family-friendly  recipes.

Granny Keto's husband and granddaughter love her family-friendly  recipes.

My husband and I owned a Lebanese restaurant for several years in New York and I wrote a recipe column for a local newspaper. I alter recipes to bring them in line with what would be a Ketogenic recipe that offers something to keep all the members of a family happy! I will help you find your way to do this and take care of yourself. 

My extensive resources are here to help you

Miriam Hatoum ("Granny Keto") and her granddaughter love cooking together

Miriam Hatoum ("Granny Keto") and her granddaughter love cooking together

A look into my Ketogenic library will show you that I have many resources with which to help you. I have many books and cookbooks on Paleo, which I followed for years, if that is something you would like help with. I also have an extensive library on intuitive eating, mindful eating, breaking the binge cycle and breaking the diet mentality. I also actively follow scientific journal articles. All this is at your fingertips because it is at MY fingertips!  

The best part of the journey is sharing it

The best part of my journey has been sharing this with my family – even my little granddaughter who is four years old will say to someone, "Grandma doesn’t want that cookie. She doesn’t eat sugar!" I hope the best part of your journey will be to know that you are a strong, intelligent and capable woman and that you find a new joy and sense of accomplishment in your life.