A kinder, gentler Keto

GrannyKeto.com blog: A kinder, gentler Keto

Let me put this here, in the first sentence of this blog post: If the title of this blog appeals to you, go to the WELCOME page and click on “LEARN MORE ABOUT GRANNY KETO TRANSITIONS PROGRAM.” Go ahead. Read it. I’ll wait. Today I want to talk about why I thought it was so important to create this program and make it available to my clients.

I believe in a kinder, gentler Keto. I believe that doing Keto this way will still result in health and weight loss. Any time you cut out sugar, simple carbohydrates and general carbage, you will notice changes in your weight and health. If you are an all-in sort of person then go straight to the top step and jump right into the Keto pool.

Some of us like to dip one toe

I am generally an abstainer and not a moderator, meaning that I jump all in. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, asks the question “Are you an abstainer or a moderator?” The idea behind the question is that some people find it easier to give things up altogether than to have sporadic or moderate indulgences. There is no right or wrong here; you just need to know your personal bent to have the best success. For people who are moderators, success will not be easily available — if it is available at all — if they jump headlong into a new way of eating, especially with something like Keto, where there is very exact elimination of certain foods. This is where Granny Keto Transitions Program comes in and why I saw the need for it. When I first started Keto I went to dozens of Keto websites and Facebook pages and watched an equal number of YouTube videos and bought dozens of cookbooks and informational books. Every single one (web page, Facebook page, YouTube video or book) speaks to the abstainer: “Go all in or go home.” I witnessed Facebook groups ban people for even asking questions about moderating some foods that may not be Keto. One person said, “I could stay Keto if I could just have an apple every day.” I kid you not when I say the administrator’s reply was, “Then you obviously don’t belong in this group,” and with not even a chance to reply, the person was banned from the group. I would have to say, this is not extreme; it is the norm. What if you are a 50- or 60-year-old woman and you have never in your life even cut back on sugar, let alone cut out sugar, grains, legumes or root vegetables? I am not saying it’s okay to eat an apple every day (not just because of the carb count — an apple is your total carbs for the day — but also for the detrimental effect of all that fructose on your liver). But when you are starting out, if having an apple a day means the difference between learning to eat Keto or just going on to the next diet, I would rather have you eat the apple.

How do you boil a frog?

Have you heard of the fable about boiling a frog alive? The story has it that when a frog was dropped into boiling water he jumped right out. But, when he was put into tepid water which was slowly brought to a boil, he didn’t perceive the danger and was boiled alive. When you are a moderator you are particularly sensitive to the boiling water and will jump high and far. Or you might just pass out, sink and be boiled to death anyway. Maybe I need to rename Granny Keto Transitions Program to How to Successfully Boil a Keto Frog. The point is that everyone’s journey to Keto is different. Sometimes the failure or starting-over or walking-away rates are because people don’t understand their own personalities. They think something is wrong with them or the diet if they can’t do it 100% like everyone else seems to be doing. If you are a moderator or just a person who has never done anything like Keto before, then the Granny Keto Transitions Program might be perfect for you. Cut back sugar and baked goods (Step 1); cut out grains and legumes either both at the same time or one at a time (Step 2); learn the carbohydrate values of the food you eat and slowly cut back the amounts (Step 3); learn what it means to moderate your protein intake and cut out fruits except for berries — again both together or one at a time (Step 4); and learn not to fear fat and eat more of it, while also cutting out root vegetables (Step 5). There — you’ve climbed the ladder to Keto without jumping all in. By the time you get to the top step you won’t even feel the need to eat sugar or potatoes or bread or rice or pasta anymore. You will wonder how you ever ate bagfuls of baby carrots or bags of popcorn. You will have been slowly brought to a nice tender Keto lifestyle! Did you even notice? Was it hard? NO and NO. And along the way you learned what works for YOU. No one Keto way of eating is right. No one’s Keto has to be your way. As you climb the ladder slowly and steadily you will find a kinder, gentler Keto that will be perfect for YOU.