A reminder to KISS


Last summer (July 26, 2018) I did a blog when I returned from Italy entitled “Keep it Simple Sweetheart” and I have decided that this would be a good week to remind myself (and thus, you) to stop overcomplicating everything. For anyone who started the Keto way of eating as part of your New Year’s resolutions, you are coming up on 10 weeks at this point. Have you tried all the fancy recipes that try their darnedest to mimic non-Keto versions (and many of them do!) and have you tried every manner of Keto cookies, cakes and fat bombs? Have you found that Keto is just too hard to keep up with and keep the whole family happy? Dudes and dudettes…you are doing it wrong. Start extremely simply then try maybe one recipe a week. Consider eating the same things over and over again until you learn how much it takes to keep you full so that you are able to go meal to meal without snacks, or better yet, until you find that quantity sweet spot where maybe you can get by with two meals instead of three (plus snacks). Keep your grocery shopping and your meals as simple as you can. See that antipasto plate pictured here? No reason not to have that for lunch or dinner a few times a week. Better yet, have a party go to and you need to bring something? Stop wailing that you don’t know what to bring because you want it to be Keto so that you know you have at least one thing to eat. These types of plates are the hit of a pot-luck table, and believe me you had better get in there first!

Better yet…

If you bring a plate like this to the party you can know what and how much to eat in advance. If you are counting macros, weigh and measure it all out and know in advance that you can have x# of olives, x# pieces of cheese and meats, and x# of other items like fresh cherry tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes. This will decrease any anxiety about eating at a party to levels where you won’t even have the anxiety (which drives you to eat off plan by the way!). Whether or not you are still new to Keto, or someone who has been doing it for a while, KISS is the way to get through busy times, disaster times, party times, any times!

You can keep it simple and still have a marvelous Keto experience

So my advice to all you Ketonians, overwhelmed or not: You can keep it simple and still keep Keto. You do not need anything fancy. Keeping it simple affords a layer of simplicity in your life, which is that you don't have to stress out about macros. If you do love to count then letting yourself ride the wave of not counting for a while might actually stress you out: weighing, measuring, counting and tracking can be self-soothing behaviors if you are a data-driven person, and I wouldn't want to get in the way of that. But, if you keep your meal plans simple enough, you can let that go if you have enough to do in your busy life. However, if you find the counting to be self-soothing (in times of turmoil sometimes the tracking is all you have control of!), keeping things simple will also help keep the tracking simple. 

Whichever way you go — tracking or not tracking — please acknowledge your needs. If things are getting to be too much for you, the answer is not to run to McDonald's or Dairy Queen. The answer is to keep your Keto meals simple. Be your own sweetheart!