Don’t question the ocean and the sky. Just find your light and go towards it.

Don’t question the ocean and the sky. Just find your light and go towards it.

This month’s homework that I am doing (for my own life-coaching endeavors) has us working on believing new things. Every single day for a month we are to write one sentence that we want believe (the same one every day), for which we have no past evidence that we can achieve. What we have now has come about because of past beliefs which caused us to act in a way that produced those results that we have now. All of the future is based on new beliefs and thoughts. We don’t yet have what we want in the future because we haven’t believed yet. Of course you can guess that I want to be a certain weight by a certain date (oh my, there are so many more important things like peace on earth or earning a million dollars, but for me right now this second, I want to be a certain weight by a certain date). I have no evidence that I can do this because I have never done it before. I have not been this weight since 1970, my first year in college.

A note from my future self to me now

Part of the exercise is to ask ourselves how this thought feels when we think it (every day will be something different). My conflicting thoughts are that I have no evidence and that I have never lost that much weight before. We have to answer each current thought will an alternative thought and then write a note to ourselves. We put ourselves into the future where we want to be and write a note from our future self to where we are now. The future self is already living this new belief. My note from my future self today: “Dear Miriam: There is no evidence for a lot of things as to the how and why. Babies. Love. The ocean and waves and sun. They have all come into BEING and that is all that matters.”

You don’t need evidence to believe

Believing that the future already exists is very different from wanting a certain future. Wanting entails lists of things we don’t want to do or believe we can’t do (if we could and we did, we would already be living our future lives!). Example of wanting a future goal weight: “I have to follow this diet. I have to exercise. There are too many obstacles. I’ve never been successful before. Etc.” Already being the future goal weight goes like this: “I love to walk. I never eat when I’m not hungry. I can process my emotions so that I don’t turn to food. You look FABULOUS!” I’m already there! So what happens? I exercise and walk without thinking twice about it. I don’t pick up food unless I am physically hungry. I don’t turn to food to avoid emotions. I love the way I look and feel. I AM the future me already. That is all the evidence I need. I AM.