Breakfast in Italy Blog: Keto breakfasts are possible even when travelling

Good morning, everyone! You're reading this a day late as I usually post on Wednesdays, but our plane did not take off on the scheduled day (better to have problems on the ground than in the air!). I would say that eating Keto in Italy could have been a challenge but not breakfasts!

There was a fantastic selection for a Keto breakfast at every hotel we stayed at

The above collage shows examples of what was offered at every single breakfast at every hotel we stayed at — even the "cheap" airport hotel we were put up in for the extra night had a breakfast like this. Everything seems to be standard: A selection of at least 4–6 meats and 3–4 cheeses, FRESH scrambled eggs or hard boiled eggs, items to fix salads (yes, at every breakfast at every hotel!), olive oil and 3-4 choices of balsamic vinegar (I was so happy to find my liquid gold at one of the hotels), sparkling and still water and an array of coffee and tea. I did treat myself to a cappuccino every morning at breakfast — something I have not had since beginning Keto almost two years ago because of the carbs in milk being higher than the carbs in cream. (You really can't use cream for cappuccino — it doesn't froth as well as milk does.) You can see from the picture below that I decided then and there that my breakfasts at home would be just as colorful, beautiful and nutritious as any we had in Italy. 

With such delicious diversity for breakfasts, the baked goods didn't tempt me

I did not take pictures of the rest of the breakfast offerings. Let's just say that if there were 4–6 meats and another 3–4 cheeses, there were TRIPLE that in terms of croissants (never less than four varieties, usually plain, chocolate, apricot and custard), breads and rolls, all manner of cakes, pastries and tarts, jams and jellies, fresh fruits and fruit juices and cereals. Honestly, I didn't even turn my head towards those — not necessary with everything available that was so much more healthy. I will say this, though, they were all ultra-aware about gluten-free options, and although nothing freshly baked was gluten-free, there were trays filled with packaged biscuits, crackers and cereals that were labeled gluten-free. 

When we stayed the week at the villa and did our own cooking, we fell into the pattern of Keto breakfasts — even for the kids, although we added a platter of fresh fruits for them. No one was looking for breads, pastries or cereals.

Now that we're home, it's Keto breakfasts with bacon Blog: Breakfast with bacon

Because we are still on Italy time, my husband and I have been getting up very early and are so hungry that we make this breakfast along with the first pot of coffee. The only thing different is the bacon — they do not have bacon as we know it. All the restaurants fry prosciutto or sliced (not diced) pancetta with the eggs (but they do call it bacon — they don't know what they are talking about!). When the guys went grocery shopping (only the men-folk did the grocery shopping — I suspect they also made stops to catch the soccer games wherever they could find them — probably being broadcasted from nearby bars), they were so excited to find what they thought was bacon. One glance and I knew it was pork belly. I was the only one who enjoyed it! After that we stuck to prosciutto and pancetta.

It is so good to be home — even though I have to do my own cooking and clean my own kitchen. But it is equally fun to fondly remember our Italian breakfasts!