Change: What’s not to like?


Okay, I asked the question, so now I have to answer it. I didn’t like giving up bread that tastes like bread. I didn’t like giving up cookies, candies and cake. Yes, I know there are Keto versions — I have even posted some recipes on this site. But, whether they are Keto or the real thing, they tend to trigger not-so-wonderful eating behavior so I don’t partake unless I am very careful and limited in my ability to get more (yeah, I eat frozen frosted Keto cake right out of the freezer…). I didn’t like having to track my food so that I would know the carb, protein and fat grams that went into my mouth every day. I didn’t like limiting my humongous green salads. I also, believe it or not, didn’t like saying goodbye to my clothes that might have been brand-new, comfy and cozy and probably expensive. (I know that should be in the plus-side column, but if any of you have had to say goodbye to a true and trusted wardrobe — never mind having to spend more money on new clothes — you know what I mean.)

Change: What’s to like?

I like not shopping in the plus-size stores or plus-size sections anymore. I loved sharing my beautiful now-too-big clothes with good friends who would appreciate and love them. I love wearing things that might be “gently” fitted instead of tents. I like the feeling of knowing when to stop eating before I am full. I like not being hungry whether it is out of choice that I am out of the house all day or whether I am out of the house on some unplanned errand or task. I like having energy and no longer having a 3 PM slump. I like grocery shopping to be quick and easy — and for my grocery bills to be going down. I actually like the feeling of yes/no and not having to figure points and calories for every available food on the planet. I like my new friends I have made in the supportive Keto community. I like what I see in the mirror. I like being in pictures for a change instead of always hiding or being the one behind the camera. I like my feet and hands not being inflamed and swollen at the end of a hard day (or first thing in the morning). I like not dreading the doctor’s visit with the blood test numbers, the blood pressure numbers or the number on the scale. I like the difference between my before and after picture!

Reconciling what is not to like with what is to like

Honestly, I do miss things, and after two full years of doing Keto (I didn’t write down the date but I think this is generally my anniversary — I started a couple of weeks before Christmas) there are still struggles. There are times that I might look at Keto as a diet instead of lifestyle. There are times I get overwhelmed by all the information out there — especially the conflicting stuff. But I have to tell you, I look at my list of “What’s to like” — which gets added to almost daily, and I have to say that it is becoming easier and easier to do that reconciling in favor of what I like — about Keto, about myself on Keto and about the new life that has been given to me because I have energy, because I don’t ache in a way that one doctor told me “Your middle name is Arthritis,” and because I love the feeling of accomplishment and overall feeling of feeing good about myself and what lies ahead for this Granny.