When a chip is just a chip

GrannyKeto.com Blog: When a chip is just a chip

If you read my last blog on DOGMANTICS (and I hope you did) you will see that this post is something similar. I recently read a blog post by someone I respect that was about "going off" Keto, and that if you ate a food that you looked forward to (for example, cake at a wedding), then it would be a marker of flat-out food addiction. Within context, I understood the point — that if you have been finding health and weight loss and freedom from craving with Keto, why would you take the first step onto what could be a slippery slope? What is driving you to eat that food that would supersede the importance of the results of all the hard work you have done to reach the point where you are at the moment you put that cake in your mouth? I get that.

But sometimes a chip is just a chip. In my case, sometimes a gelato is just a gelato. My daughter got married in Tuscany six years ago and for six years we have been planning an anniversary trip back. One of the most fun things we did was go walking in the evening in Florence and going to a special gelato shop. Yes, the important part here is the experience and not the gelato. But for six years I have been saying: "When we go back to Italy, I am going to get lemon gelato at that special place and sit looking out at the Ponte Vecchio at sunset." Having and savoring that gelato is a vital part of that experience. It is a piece of the puzzle — if I take out the gelato, the experience won’t be the same. Please take this in context: If I had diabetes or epilepsy or was undergoing a cancer treatment that works synergistically with Keto, I would damn well manage the experience without the gelato. But this is not the case. Nor is it, in any fraction, an obsessive food addiction. 

I remember when I first started Keto I said to myself: "This is a way of eating, it is not a religion." This is a wonderful trip with lots of family going and lots of food flowing. I cannot see myself eating bread or pasta, or anything that is common. I am not going to use the trip as an excuse to binge or pig-out. I am, however, going to use it as an excuse to have that gelato I have been dreaming about for 6 years — and at that, only at the special place by the Ponte Vecchio . . . at sunset. You see, sometimes a chip is just a chip and sometimes a gelato is just a gelato. Nothing sinister. Nothing evil or slippery about it. I am not going to be shamed because of my viewpoint on this. If I am considered less of a ketoer than the person who wrote that other blog, then so be it. If people don’t want my coaching services because I don’t believe in dogmantics, then so be it. (Oh believe me, I was warned and warned hard!) I understand rules, and the wisdom behind these rules, I really do. But religion and dogma have no place in beautiful Florence . . at the gelato store . . . at sunset on the Ponte Vecchio.