Collected and calm

Collected and calm

So today’s feeling that I chose for myself today is COLLECTED. Today is a busy day. I just finished being a guest on a podcast, I have this blog to write, a FaceBook Live video to do, a month of YouTube videos to map out, and at 5PM I am interviewing a lovely couple from Australia who will be on my podcast next month. Wait, those aren’t even on my list of what I want to accomplish today, which is getting all my notes in order that I have been taking while working through my coaching class. I felt that the feeling that could best suit me today is to be collected. I love the picture I am using in today’s blog. It is from my daughter’s wedding. It shows a collection of plants and glassware - as a matter of fact it is a very busy table with a lot going on - but it is still calm while conveying to me a feeling of anticipation and excitement.

Using the feeling of being collected with Keto

How can we use being collected while we follow the path of our Keto lifestyle. I talked in an earlier blog about being so overwhelmed with non-Keto foods and quantities of choices while shopping in a huge supermarket. I never choose to shop there on my own, but it is my husband’s and grandkids’ favorite supermarket so I go there at least once a week. Before I even step foot in that store I take a deep breath in the car and close my eyes, and will myself to be calm and collected even though I know I will be facing all manner of overwhelm when I go in there. Sometimes I repeat calming phrases as I walk through the door. I am able to stick to my shopping list, and even hand kids donuts from the bakery, and not feel shaken and discombobulated. I find that this intention to collect myself works wonders when I am at parties where there will be lots of food or when going to restaurants when I have to make decisions about what I will order. When I am collected like this I don’t even see the non-Keto food, and I certainly don’t even notice the breadbasket. It’s not as if I am resisting. I truly am collected enough in my thoughts and commitment that I am just the watcher of these things and possibilities floating by, and they don’t even land in my consciousness. Next time you are facing a challenge - food or otherwise, just stop, breathe, watch the emotions of overwhelm drift by, and then you will enter the situation calm and collected.

Collected = Excitement

So how can being collected equal excitement? The definition of excitement is a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness. Well, I was collected (more or less) during my podcast interview this morning and because my mind wasn’t scrambled I was able to share my enthusiasm for my Transitions Program and Dancing with Keto. Because I was collected I was able to get a lot of work done with my coaching class, and because success begets success, I am feeling really excited about the progress I am making today. Because I intend to be collected with the podcast interview I have later today, I am eager to see what information and life experiences I can draw out of my guests; if I was a hot mess how could I conduct a good interview? So being collected has allowed me today to have a good head on my shoulders, use my time well, and feel excited and enthusiastic about what I am accomplishing. Even if you aren’t facing any mountains, I challenge you to open your eyes tomorrow morning and commit to being collected, and see what a difference it makes in your day.