Today’s feeling is COMPETENCE

Today’s feeling is COMPETENCE

I built onto yesterday’s chosen feeling of FOCUS to have the courage to expect myself to be COMPETENT today. For the longest time I have been wanting to add my calendar and contacts to my iPhone. I am pretty happy with paper records but I was finding that I would enter things on my wall or desk calendar and then forget to run to my purse to enter them onto my portable paper calendar. I found myself constantly switching appointments because I had forgotten that I schedule a client call, putting it on my desk calendar but not carrying that information with me. My paper address book is tattered and held together with an elastic but it, too, served me well, until I had to contact the real estate agent and realized that I only had her phone number in an email that I did not have on my phone. WHAT? No email on my phone you ask? I don’t have a data plan, I really just use my phone for phone calls (yes, an old-fashioned pay-as-you-go plan)…my next project to tackle, I promise. Come on girl, come in to the new century and show yourself (and others) how competent you are! LOL Well, I have to say that by blogging every day I have learned so much and am asking my web designer to do less and less. I’m getting there.

Using competence with Keto

How can this all be tied to Keto for me? Well, as you know (if you have been reading and watching my stuff), I am a proponent of learning to make Keto your own, and if you want to move away from digital tracking (and weighing and measuring) I am right on board helping you with that. But Granny Keto, alas, has her own doubts sometimes. So yesterday after I took portions of food that I wanted at meals, I weighed or measured them for the fun of it. I said to Mr. Granny Keto, “I bet this piece of steak is 4 ounces.” And you know what? It was! Right on the button! The whole day’s food was like that. I also wrote down my food, which I don’t usually do and at the end of the night, I put it into Carb Manager and you know what? My macros were absolutely on target. Once in a while if I am having a new food, or the scale jumps up a bit, I might turn and do the weighing, measuring and tracking to figure things out, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it was good to get confirmation that I am competent enough, after more than two years of doing Keto, to know what to eat, how much to eat, and how to flesh out a meal so that it is on target with macros. I invite you to do the same. You might be more skilled and competent that you give yourself credit for. Go back and read read my blog, Macros in Pictures, to see how it’s done, or better yet, sign up for me free guide, Dancing with Keto.

Competence = Excitement

Do you see a trend here? Yes I am carrying through on the excitement that I felt on the days when I targeted the feelings of determined, revitalized and focused. These are all wonderful things! I find myself moving forward in all areas of my day-to-day life. Well, first of all, I now will have all my appointments in one place! I have been keeping up with blogging and FaceBook live videos. I have two fabulous podcast interviews set for tomorrow, and one for Monday. (Would a non-competent person be able to do that? I am still pinching myself!) I am looking at new video equipment (lighting and camera) and I might actually try to set it up myself instead of whining that I can’t do it. It’s rather exciting to feel competent. I wish the same for you!