Dancing with Keto

GrannyKeto.com blog: Dancing with Keto

I wrote in an earlier blog about taking my own coaching advice. I want to talk about my free guide, Dancing with Keto, as it is the most valuable advice I can give myself and my clients, and it also ties into last week’s blog post, A Kinder, Gentler Keto. I also watched my Amira YouTube video that goes along with the guide.

When I was a belly dance teacher I worked with advanced and professional dancers in Boston. One of my proudest moments was when one of my students auditioned at a club that had a live band. The head musician came up to her and said, “Your teacher must be Amira Jamal.” How did the musician know this? There are a dozen dance teachers in the Boston area, two or three dozen if you count all of New England. He knew because my dancers dance from the heart. They are different from all other dancers that the musicians see and work with.

The answer is to trust yourself

Just as with dancing, where you need to know steps and combinations and nuances and how one thing works with the music and another thing does not, you cannot just “eat Keto” without an understanding of what it is you are eating and why. The dancer learns to trust her body and her skills and is able to move from choreography to improvising, letting her body move with the music in a meaningful way. I call this Dancing from the Heart. As someone who learns to eat Keto, you can move from weighing and measuring, to trusting yourself to Eat Keto from the Heart. What exactly does this mean? It means going through the stages of learning what is right for you and your lifestyle and your likes and dislikes and your day-to-day circumstances or special occasions. It means learning to eat in a mindful manner, branching out of your comfort zone and learning the concept of “this and not that” (in other words, have tomato sauce and salad but that might be the day you don’t have too much dairy or eggs — both of which also have carbs). Just as the dancer has to learn what feels natural to her body and has to learn to let the music run through her and express itself as dance, a Keto eater must learn what feels good in her body and has to learn what timing of meals feels natural (as you get deeper and deeper into Keto you will find that you are not as hungry and should not force yourself to eat). Whether you are a dancer or a “Ketonian” (or both!) the bottom lines are mindfulness and trust.

Chantal’s story

This story is the introduction of Dancing with Keto, but I repeat it here, as it is a poignant example of trust and doing things from the heart. Keep the lesson in mind as you learn to trust yourself and find your way with Keto: “Let me tell you the story of one of my dancers, Chantal. She is talented and worked hard, and I felt incredibly lucky to have her as a student. For her first recital with me she had worked on a piece of choreography, and during the dress rehearsal she asked, several times, to stop the music so she could consult her notes. Finally I said, “Chantal, give me your choreography notes. Maybe I can help you.” I took the sheet of paper from her and ripped it up. Chantal – and the rest of the class – were stunned. It looked as though she was going to cry. I said, “NOW you dance. Dance from your heart.” Did I know for sure that Chantal would do a beautiful performance? Did I know she would survive? Yes and Yes. But how did I know this? I knew this because she knew the steps and the combinations and how to move to music. I knew that Chantal knew it all and could trust herself to dance from her heart.” Believe me, friends, you can do Keto from the heart. Just trust…