I am currently working on a very important project: self-coaching and bringing those skills into my coaching practice. I have been learning some very interesting things - most of which I already know and have been exposed to for years, but sometimes you have to hear the same thing in a different way for the lightbulb to go off.

This month’s assignment is to daily identify the one thing we want to accomplish that day and what emotion is needed to fuel that action and result.

We are also asked to identify the previous day’s emotion and why we had it, and how we can generate today’s emotion. Full disclosure: Even though I always pick a positive and strong emotion for the day, when I look back, that is not always the way the day unfolded. For instance, yesterday’s feeling was supposed to be FOCUS and instead, it was AVOIDANCE. Acknowledging this is a start, but then I have to figure out the WHY of why this happened. I am working with Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School, who is absolutely brilliant in compressing everything I have ever heard and read for enriching one’s life, into steps to make it all work. I decided to take this homework to you, so that we can see, together, how I am going to grow as a coach and learn to stop blocking my wisdom and actions. I am determined to do this homework daily and share with you the results of my actions.

How do I apply this to Miriam’s Keto journey?

Well first of all, notice how I said “Miriam” and not “Granny Keto.” I was talking to a good friend about how I had trouble with my authenticity during the years I was a famous belly dancer. “She” was Amira Jamal. I had a lot of trouble reconciling Miriam with Amira. Miriam did not like to wear makeup, go out at night or party. Amira was always dolled up and the life and star of whatever party she was performing at. So I was left with neither Miriam nor Amira feeling very authentic. I don’t want that for Miriam or Granny Keto. Miriam is the person who lives a Keto lifestyle. Granny Keto is the one who takes all that, shares it, and helps you live a Keto lifestyle. I am determined to grow in a way that I can best help the readers of this website, the members of my Facebook group, and my clients, grow and become their own determined drivers of their success.