This is what discombobulated looks like.

This is what discombobulated looks like.

Okay. It’s a word. This is what it looks like. I can’t believe that it is the perfect representation of my mind today. Thank you, Piper. And I think I have to thank Owen for the scribbles at the very bottom. So this is where I am today. I am having such a hard time straightening out my mind. We had the grandkids from Friday afternoon until yesterday (Sunday). A very short time in the scheme of things but for some reason I am having a particularly hard time wrapping my head around anything today. I did a great podcast interview with a fabulous guest first thing this morning, and I did get into gear and find my all marbles for that, but as soon as I was finished with the call I sunk back into what you see pictured here.

I think the problem is that I have been so intensely absorbed in my coaching classes, my daily blogs and FaceBook Live videos, that when I decided to take a couple of days off, I was completely thrown out of kilter. I like adventure to a point, but I love and thrive on routine. It wasn’t just that I could say to myself “Monday morning, back to work” - I couldn’t find my way to Monday morning it seemed. It is now 2PM and I am just starting to settle into my day’s work and projects.

Using discombobulated with Keto

Well since I couldn’t think for myself until about 3 minutes ago, I spent some time surfing sites of some successful people just to get the juices flowing. I “met” someone, Corinne Crabtree, through my coaching classes, and in her blog today she talked about making some rules to live by. She said that we have them already, but to make sure they are working for us. Some of hers are: “I will figure this out. I refuse to worry. Make a decision so we can get to the doing part. Regret is never an option. Easy is always better than complicated.” Oh my goodness - could this not have come at a better time? I’ll take all of them! I am turning around this day of feeling terribly discombobulated into an exciting day because I am going to work out some of my own rules for living and examine whether they will work for me. I am also going to reexamine my WHY and see what updates it needs. In addition to all of this, I am also doing some revision on my food protocol, as I am committed to paying even closer attention to my hunger/fullness signals. Perhaps I have to take the expected eating times off my mid-day meal and dinner and be willing to skip them! My usual routine-loving self would say NEVER. My new discombobulated self is saying to just go with the flow.

Discombobulated = Excitement

Okay this seemed like a stretch when I started this blog, but as I was writing I realized that had it not been for my discombobulated feeling today I might not have: (1) had a fabulous podcast with my guest this morning (I knew I had to pull myself together and accomplished that by being fully present, and totally grateful to be in her presence); (2) taken the time to read Corinne’s blog (because I would have been so busy with my own stuff I wouldn't have taken the time); (3) sat with a quiet cup of coffee gathering my thoughts about the day and what I want to accomplish; (4) sat and reexamined my WHY; or (5) taken the time to look, REALLY LOOK, at what the grandchildren had drawn yesterday instead of just erasing it and getting on with Granny Keto business. I wouldn’t have done any of this had I not been out of sorts and instead just sat right down with a clear head with my usual morning routine. YAY DISCOMBOBULATION.