My do-nothing dress blog: A do-nothing dress can come in handy for working at home

So here I am — three days into retirement. I have so much to do and am already wondering how I am going to get it all done and how I ever did anything while I was working! When I posed the retirement question in my various Facebook groups, unanimously everyone answered that they were sorry they didn't do it sooner. And the outpouring of support I got from my last blog, A mug and a spoon, was incredible. So here I am. 

Assignment 1: Get out of bed and get dressed

Sounds easy. Well the getting out of bed part was easy because I am still on a working schedule and was up before 6 a.m. and couldn't wait for my first coffee of the day. Getting dressed — not so easy. I finally decided at 10 a.m. that I would be productive if I got out of my nightgown. I love wearing dresses but everything I own is nice enough for work, and one of today's tasks is to get to work in the garage and laundry room (in anticipation of putting my house on the market!) so I am not going to wear a really nice work dress. I do have shorts and a top but as I get embroiled in my cleaning I might ignore signals that it is time to pee and I won't get my shorts down in time once I dash upstairs to the bathroom. (Okay, stop laughing — you know what I'm talking about.) So a dress makes the whole process easier. I picked a dress that doesn't show dirt but is really comfy on a hot day, and in which I can run out if an errand strikes my fancy. And actually, it is NOT a do-nothing dress for a do-nothing day. I am busier than ever! And this is the crux of my retirement conundrum. I am not getting up and going to OUT to work every day, so it feels like I am doing nothing, but I have to realize that I am now doing everything I have been wanting to do — just in, rather than out.

Assignments 2 and 3: Coffee and setting my Keto intentions for the day

Assignment 2 is have my coffee in my favorite chair by my favorite window — this is the no-brainer of the assignments of the day. Assignment 3 is to set my Keto intentions for the day. What do I mean by setting intentions? I am going to start my day (while I am drinking my coffee) thinking about any Keto challenges that might come up: Are we going out for a meal (which includes visiting friends and family at their homes — not just going to restaurants)? Do I need to plan dinner? Grocery shop? What did I do yesterday that was successful? Did I let a little longer go between meals? Did I stay hydrated? What was not successful? Did I forget to take my supplements? Did I look to snack as an escape from doing something I didn't want to do or did I look to snack as a diversion to any anxiety I might be feeling from this whole life-change thing going on? Okay — this looks like a novel (and you can write it all down if you are someone who loves to keep a journal), but actually it is just a few minutes of thought. Just enough to ground myself and to remind myself that even though everything is changing in this new chapter of my life, that my commitment to self-care must not change. I need to be more vigilant than ever because there will be days that a do-nothing dress signals just that: DO NOTHING, and everything that comes that could easily lead to careless and thoughtless eating, and we know where that can lead.

Assignments 4-100: Everything else and just do it!