After 53 years, enough is enough


Just this week I had another inspiring conversation with Amy Berger, the author of The Alzheimer's AntidoteWe talked about fear and trust and how it pertains to my experiences with Keto, and my experiences with dieting, in general. My mother took me to a diet doctor when I was 13 years old and I am coming up to my 66th birthday — YOU do the math. That is 53 years of dieting. Is it any wonder that I have learned not to trust myself? This time is different. The Jewish word is "GENUG" and it means "ENOUGH."

I have learned how to trust that I know how to eat

For those of you who know me from the "Keto My Way" days, you know I have always struggled with the concept of trusting myself to eat the right amounts of food, the right kinds of foods and the right balance of foods. For goodness' sake, I have been ultra-aware of food and diets for 53 years. I have lost weight a dozen times and know what works and what doesn't work and I am certainly committed to Ketogenic eating — which I know, through its regulation of insulin, self-limits the quantity of food I would ever consume in a day (when I respect my hunger/fullness signals!). So why do I still think I need to weigh and measure and track? Trust, my friends, trust. Fear, my friends, fear. I think "genug iz genug" — enough is enough — and it is time to trust myself and not fear the light anymore.  


What is this light?  It is the light of looking at a healthy (Keto) meal and knowing that it has a perfect amount of carbohydrates, fat and protein for my needs at the moment. It means that I can look at it, and without having to look at a tracker, know that it will round out a day and that I will not be hungry, hangry or remorseful later. It means that I know and trust that I have made the best decision possible about the meal, and that I do not need a tracker to give me that information. It means that after 53 years of dieting, I can trust what I choose to put in my mouth at any given meal. It means that I no longer have the burden of thinking that I will not lose weight unless some outside tracker tells me I am eating the correct food in the correct quantities.

What eating with trust looks like for me

What does this look like for me? Coffee with cream in the morning. If I am hungry I will have a protein source, such as leftover steak from dinner the night before or bacon and eggs if I am cooking that morning. For lunch it is a large green salad and a protein source (today it was canned salmon with avocado oil mayonnaise and diced pickles and onions) along with sparkling mineral water and maybe a cup of chicken broth. And you know what? Looking at today, I have no idea at all what will be for dinner — and that's okay! Last night we had grilled ribeye, roasted cauliflower and green salad. I am not afraid — I am not worried that on Sunday night I did not know what I would be having on Wednesday for dinner. I am not afraid — I am not worried that if I have salad for lunch that having salad again for dinner will be too many carbs. I am not afraid — I am not worried that I might not have hit my fat macro. You know why? I have plenty of body fat to burn — that will take care of itself! 

Eating this way — this NORMAL way — is the light that I have been looking for all my life, ever since my mother took me to a diet doctor at the age of 13, ever since I learned not to trust myself because when I do, it means I will be fat and out of control. Plato would be proud of me that I have come through that darkness and am no longer afraid of the light.

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