Focus on where you are going

Focus on where you are going

In my coaching class I am learning to not do a to-do list. You heard me right - NOT do a to-do list. At first that made no sense to me. However, today it made absolute clear sense. So yesterday I had a to-do list with about 5 things on it. I managed to do two of them and the whole rest of the day I felt unsettled, unfocused, and questioned my commitment to everything I am trying to accomplish. But one of the training videos I watched last night said to put ONE thing on the list. ONE. I did that today and OMG when I finished it I felt so accomplished. And, not only that, but felt so good about myself that I was spurred on to do more things and I didn’t even have to put them on a list to do them! THAT allowed me to focus on everything instead of nothing. My main initial focus was to get the one thing done, but when that was finished I felt so determined (Monday’s emotion) and revitalized (Tuesday’s emotion), that I was able to focus on more projects instead of getting all out of sorts over what I “coulda shoulda” accomplished.

Feeling focused with Keto

Here is what being focused allowed me to do today with Keto, specifically. I was hungry around 10AM and thought about foods on my protocol and decided to load my breakfast with fat so that I would not be hungry until dinner (but if I am that’s okay too). I made a lovely dish with bacon ends and pieces (from Trader Joe’s), olives (seeped in a lovely tarragon and orange marinade from Whole Foods), an avocado, and my second coffee with heavy cream. Not a hunger pang in sight and it is 4PM! The focus worked in another way to help me with my Keto. My husband and I went grocery shopping at Wegman’s, and if any of you have been there you know how you are immediately greeted with aisles of produce, cheese, and breads that look like an artist’s painting - never mind the dozen “bays”, each one offering a different take-out food, and the meat and fish displays. I get very overwhelmed when we go there and my mind races to everything I want to eat, 90% of which is not Keto - or seems that way. I went in and I focused on what we went in for and looked at nothing else. I perused the produce and decided that my fridge was full and there was nothing I needed. I came home, made myself an afternoon cappuccino and sat down to write this blog. Usually the overwhelm results in me being very “good” for hours and then I explode in a binge (yes, there are even Keto binges). Because my focus today got rid of the overwhelm, I am not feeling that I am repressing any urge to overeat (Keto or not) - there is not even an urge to begin with. It was a regular grocery trip. The focus spread far beyond just focusing on eat this, not that. It actually settled my soul in that I don’t even have to make those decisions about what and how to eat. It is just a calm feeling that washes over me with no angst or overwhelm.

Focus = Excitement

Actually in my blog from yesterday I wound up with the heading, “Revitalized = Excitement”. I have to restate that same sentiment today as “Focus = Excitement.” Can I even begin to tell you how excited I am that I found one of the tricks to focus: pick one thing, do it well and finish. Not just to do “the thing” but to allow the feeling of accomplishment to carry over so that I can chip away at some of the overwhelm and doubt I sometimes have doing Keto and growing Granny Keto. I have already done five important things today and the day is still young! Focus just might be the elixir I needed to move forward. Try it! It tastes delicious.