So don’t get me wrong. I feel free every day. I am retired and have no obligations for work. My husband, children and grandchildren are well so I have no “caretaker” obligations. My decision to take the coaching classes are purely my idea and they are on line so I can go totally at my own pace - or not do the homework at all! My Chew the Fat with Granny Keto podcast, website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and Instagram account are all my ideas - and passion. I have no chains or obligations to those either, except what I want to do. I am totally blessed with everything in my life, and so I want to attend to everything. But sometimes I just want to be. So today I am part of a trio of “ladies who lunch” and we are going to sit and gab - for hours - about everything and nothing. Perfect!

Using the feeling of free with Keto

No, this has nothing to do with being free from the restrictions of Keto. It has to do with being free to enjoy Keto. Just as with all my Granny Keto stuff which I choose to do, I picked a Keto way of eating from a totally free-to-do-so perspective. No one said to me, “Do Keto or I’ll shoot your cat.” I decided, with my own FREE will, to pursue Keto and right now, as part of the “ladies who lunch” I am free to order Keto foods or not. But why would I rebel against Keto when I am freely choosing it? I also find Keto to be, in itself, very freeing. A lot of decisions are made for me just by following a Keto protocol. I don’t have to decide how many chips fall within my points or calorie allowance - I just don’t eat chips. I don’t have to decide whether or not to have dessert or bread. I just don’t look at the dessert and bread. Some might find this restrictive. I find it exceptionally freeing.

Free = Excitement

Okay, so let’s follow the theme of the month. How do I tie the day’s targeted emotion into excitement? Well this one is easy. First of all, because I am free to do anything I want today, I am looking forward to the “ladies who lunch” and not working on Granny Keto, or cleaning the house, or doing laundry or finally sitting with organizing the picture albums I have been working on for months. I am free not to carry a calorie counter or points counter, or anything like that, with me - I will just enjoy the abundance of Keto foods that will be available to me today. I am excited because it is a gorgeous (albeit cold) day and I am free to be on the road, be with friends and enjoy the day. What freedom can you find today?