Just do it

GrannyKeto.com blog: Just do it

I have seen a lot of Facebook posts lately lamenting that the holiday falling-off-the-wagon season has already started. People have lost their momentum, and their minds, meals and habits have been scrambled.

Go back to basics and keep it simple

Believe me, and I am speaking from grave experience, if you don’t stay on your journey’s path now, it really is not going to be better January 1st. Honestly. I think that it is too easy to get distracted: baking for the holidays, sitting at food-ladened tables, candy gifts, holiday parties, bombardment with TV commercials and magazine ads of sweets and overindulging. Hey listen, I don’t blame you for going off track — been there, done that myself. But I am here to tell you that you should just make up your mind that you are staying Keto and then JUST DO IT. Plan ahead — but not too much planning. Bake and cook Keto foods you can serve or take with you to parties — but not too much baking and cooking. Why do I say “not too much”? Because it will just add to your overall stress level. HONESTLY. Here’s what I do: I give it some thought and let it go. I make sure I have cheese, salami, olives, avocados, sparkling water, eggs and bacon in the fridge. I shop for — and make — simple meals like a roast chicken or some short ribs in sauce. No recipes. JUST DO IT. EAT IT. LET IT GO. If you want to try ONE casserole or baked good a week, go for it, but keep it as simple as you can. I even see high stress levels when people are worried about bringing food to a party. The list again: salami, cheese, olives, avocado, (deviled) eggs, etc. Some of the most beautiful and appreciated party plates are charcuterie plates — you can even cover a cardboard flat with aluminum foil and bring it to the party like that. Voilà! No dishes to return!

Besides lowering your stress level by keeping it simple, this also allows you to go easy on weighing, measuring and tracking (if that’s your thing). Instead of allowing yourself to go off Keto between now and the new year, why not, instead, allow yourself to loosen the reins a little bit but not give yourself enough rope to hang yourself? What I mean by this is that if you are a tracker, eating very simply can ease that up for you. If you eat from a simple food list (see my FAQ about a Yes/No list), you can pretty much trust that you will eat within your macros as long as you don’t overeat. If you like sparkling water, make that your drink of choice and be sure to add any hot beverages (tea, coffee, hot water with lemon) to help you relax before a big gathering or to relax after everyone has gone.

My own JUST DO IT challenge

I am not having a problem with the food side of Keto. My JUST DO IT challenge is to keep up with Granny Keto. I have been remiss with Facebook live videos, YouTube videos and getting new blogs and recipes posted — never mind that I haven’t sent out a newsletter this month. So in telling YOU to just do it, I am hanging the swoosh in my own office so I will stop procrastinating and just get to work. This blog is proof positive that I am keeping my word to myself that I will JUST DO IT.