Keep on Swimming

Granny Keto and Dory just keep swimming.

Granny Keto and Dory just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming. Just keep showing up. Just Keto on. Whatever you want to say, JUST DO IT. Today on my Face Book Live videos I talked about when you give in to cravings and one or two “dalliances” throw you you entirely off track. Don’t let it be that way. Just sit quietly for a bit, take a few breaths, close your eyes if you are in a place where people walking by won’t say “Why are your eyes closed?” and just sit with it a bit. It’s only food folks. It doesn’t make you a good or a bad person. It doesn’t make you smart or stupid or lazy. It doesn’t even make you committed or not. It just means you are human. Now, if you spend days and days eating cupcakes and chips and overeating until you are sick, it might mean we have a problem. The trick is not to continue to eat what you are eating, the trick is to just stop but keep swimming in the direction you were headed to in the first place.

Giving up or beating yourself up never helps

Everyone always talks about meeting yourself where you are and loving yourself through the hard times. Think about it. Is it harder to do nice things for someone you really don’t like or don’t respect? But is easier for you to go out of your way and do nice things and respect people that you love and care for? Can you overlook things that a person says and does if you love that person? You make exceptions because no matter what they did or said, it is trivial in the scheme of things. It’s easier with small children and pets so let’s take that. My cat scratched me. I still love him. My granddaughter broke a piece of my jewelry. I still love her. These might seem like minor transgressions - but that’s my point. Is eating a cookie or having an extra helping of your meal any worse than a scratch or a broken piece of jewelry? NO! So why do we insist on absolutely hating ourselves for eating off our plans? I think because we think of the one digression as a personification of everything we have ever eaten or have ever done that got us to this place where we find ourselves. Stop the personification thing going on. Stop bullying yourself. I’m not saying to say “oh well” and move on. I am not asking you to trivialize it - there is something really going on that you might want to investigate so once aware, you have less change of falling into the food pit. Were you avoiding doing something? Were you just overwhelmed by the foods at a party or restaurant? Were you trying to soothe your way out of anxiety, anger, worry? Try to get to the bottom of why you did what you did. Maybe investigate other things you could have done. But stop the bullying and hating.

Just keep on swimming

What good does it do to just give up? Be like Dory. Keep on swimming. Don’t give up. Don’t bully yourself. Be optimistic that right around the corner is just what you have been searching for!