"Keto Living Day-by-Day"

Kristie Sullivan's new book, "Keto Living Day-by-Day," is the best Keto starter book I've seen for the first 28 days of your Keto journey

Kristie Sullivan's new book, "Keto Living Day-by-Day," is the best Keto starter book I've seen for the first 28 days of your Keto journey

This blog post covers a book review and answers the most popular Ask Granny question:  Where do I start? There are many quick start guides on the internet and many informative books to give you recipes and general information on Keto, but Kristie Sullivan's newest book Keto Living Day-by-Day is by far (in my opinion) the best mapped-out book with hand-holding for days 1–28, comprehensive skill sets that you will need, recipes, meal plans and her own touching personal story. It just came out a week or so ago, and I wish it all the success that it deserves.

Dear Granny: How do I start Keto?

Well, the first answer is to FIND YOUR WHY. Looking to lose a few pounds by a wedding will not sustain you — although Kristie did start Keto to lose weight, after dozens and dozens of failed attempts. Her personal story is one that will speak to many of you — the years of failed dieting, the extreme attempts to do so (she had gastric bypass surgery many years ago), the back pain that drove her to find a new way, and the "awakening" when she read Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat and What To Do About it. If you don't already have your why, reading Kristie's story will certainly help you find it. The first part of the book, after her introduction that tells about her story, is All About Keto and is the perfect read if you know nothing about Keto and need to start with that. However, that being said, this book is quickly becoming my "bible" and I know enough about Keto to be your coach — and I still have so much to learn from Kristie. The chapters are:  How to Keto, The Food, and Eating Keto in the Real World. That last chapter, Eating Keto in the Real World, covers just about everything from staying on plan in social settings to eating at restaurants. Part 2: A Four-Week Guide to Beginning Keto is actually what I turned to a couple of weeks ago when the book first came out.

Revisting the basics of planning a Keto journey

Once in a while I feel I need to return to basics, and I started with Day 1 in Chapter 4, Planning Your Journey. This chapter gives not only planning advice but in-depth "Physical Mile Markers of Progress" and "Psychological Mile Markers of Progress." This is so important because, as Jimmy Moore says, "The scale is a big fat liar that lies." As if that wasn't enough help, Kristie goes on to give you her "Top Ten Navigation Tips for Your Ketogenic Journey" and "The Four Tenets of Keto." This is followed by Chapter 5: Your First Four Weeks on Keto, with daily checklists, "Just For Today" affirmations and weekly reviews. She expertly and lovingly walks you through your first four weeks of Keto. Part 3 is entitled Recipes but it is so much more than that. There is a guide to using recipes, making substitutions, ingredient guide, cooking tools and equipment AND 130 recipes (yes, I counted them)! Of course if you count the "Burgers — six ways" there are even more. She has additional resources, allergen index and guides to meal planning.

Whatever other books you have, start with Keto Living

I have been recommending this book to all my clients. I even have two clients with whom I am starting coaching when I get back from Italy and I told them to read this before the coaching even starts. As you can see from my FAQ, I have plenty of books in my personal library and do not hesitate to recommend them to you. However, if you (a) are looking where to start, (b) have lost your way, (c) need meal-planning ideas, (d) need new recipes, (e) want daily inspiration or (f) are a coach and have your own website, please put this on YOUR bookshelf! I got to about page 70 and bought this for Kindle so I would always have it with me. I have to say this is one Keto purchase you will never regret!