Keto Woman Podcast Blog: Miriam Hatoum is interviewed by Daisy Brackenhall for her Keto Woman Podcast

I can't believe that I was interviewed by Daisy Brackenhall for her Keto Woman Podcast! The subheading is "Daisy chats to extraordinary women living the ketogenic lifestyle each week on the Keto Woman podcast." Extraordinary? I don't know about that. But I am incredibly proud that I made it this far into the Keto community, and can't thank Daisy enough for having faith in me for this podcast.

Don't worry — my head will not explode

Danielle Coonerty of Have Butter Will Travel said, "So I've just fallen in love with Miriam Samida Hatoum. Loved the latest podcast." I am putting that statement out there because I want to say, first, "Thank you" to Danielle and all the other wonderful people who have come to and the Granny Keto LLC Facebook page as a result of listening to this podcast. But, more importantly, I want to share what this has done for me personally, deep down inside. Because of this podcast, and the reactions to it, I now have faith in myself and have faith that I do have a message worth sharing and that people will listen. Rather than my head exploding because of the podcast, I am humbled by the men and women who took the time to say that my story resonated with them. One response was that the listener started crying when she listened to me talk about my life's experiences with being overweight, and finding that all these years it was not my was the food's fault. Not that Granny Keto wasn't "legitimate" when I started it and as I coached my first clients, but I wasn't standing steadfast in the belief that I have earned a place in the Keto and low-carb community. Now I know I have.

Keto Woman Podcast is just the beginning

Amy Berger was kind enough — and astute enough — to put me together with a very funny and talented guy by the name of Jonathan Miller. Together we are hosting a brand-new podcast aimed toward the older population (let's say 50+), and addressing all our "special" issues. Some of those issues might be being on medications, having arthritis, being part of the sandwich generation, or maybe not wanting to go cold turkey into Keto. Are you downsizing to just you and a spouse or are you cooking more than ever because of grandkids or taking care of parents? Are you retiring and all of a sudden are facing the kitchen and all that food calling you? Do you find yourself, after years of yo-yo dieting, just sick at the thought of weighing and measuring just one more morsel of food? Guys and gals — this is for everyone in our generation! We are recording our first episode tomorrow and I will make announcements when it goes live. Oh, the name you ask? Ageless Keto: Making Older Better! Come join our M.O.B.