Patience, young grasshopper blog: Patience, young grasshopper

I am sure you have heard this phrase before. I always thought it originally came from the movie The Karate Kid (along with the “Wax-on Wax-off” sequence), but this phrase actually originally comes from the TV show Kung Fu. It was uttered from teacher to student (in both cases) and simply means what it sounds like it means: Be patient as you are learning new tasks, both in the learning and the outcome.

A new year

Let’s face it, starting a new eating plan on January 2nd (maybe the 1st if you are overly ambitious) is what most of us do! Hopefully if you were already Keto it’s just another day on your calendar. But, if you are reading this in real time, you might be at the end of your first month of something entirely new. Stick with it! If you have a lot of weight to lose, it probably came off easily, at the beginning. But if you are at this for a while, even if you have a lot of weight to lose, you might be starting to slow down. Be patient! There is more to the wonderful things about Keto than just weight loss. Your body is healing from insulin resistance, inflammation is going down and if you are of child-bearing age and have PCOS, you had better get out that birth control you thought you would never need! Yep, that is the ultimate beauty of Keto — weight loss is beside the point, it really is, so you must be patient when the scale doesn't give you the numbers you want.

NSVs - Non-Scale Victories

Listen, little grasshoppers, let’s sit around the campfire and count the ways: You no longer obsess about food and about each meal and snack you will have. You no longer calculate points and calories in your head every time you want to figure out whether or not you have room for a food. You just aren’t hungry all day and the cravings for sweets and carbage are gone. You no longer have “carb face” meaning the double and chins are gone or have slimmed down and you don’t have that red face that no amount of makeup could conceal (that’s less inflammation, people). You recognize when you are hungry and recognize when you have had enough to eat. You don’t mind leaving food on your plate and it doesn’t traumatize you to throw out or put away the little bit left on your dish. You are actually willing to leave things on your dish and on the kids’ dishes! Your clothes fit better. Your knees, hands, elbows and hips stop aching. You don’t wake up an old tired pile of bones every morning. It is actually easy to eat out! Your grocery bills have gone down even though you are buying higher-quality food. You are using so much less food. Your feet don’t hurt. You get the picture, grasshopper. Be patient and the scale victories will follow the NSVs — I promise!