The importance of unplugging blog: The importance of unplugging

I have been flat-out busy since last week.  We had the kids over for two nights — twice — and had one BBQ with two full families (mine and my daughter's in-laws) and one with my brother's family. Both with lots of kids. Then this weekend I had a 75th birthday to go to for my sister-in-law, and the next day an unveiling at the cemetery for my mother and sister, both who passed away in January of this year. 

Resting and regrouping

Labor Day Monday was the first day in over a week that we weren't either running with the grandchildren, having company or going to an event. Just when I thought I was going to explode from sheer exhaustion, I saw a picture that my website developer put up on her own Facebook page. It made me realize that I just had to stop and breathe and relax. After all, I am retired now — do I really have deadlines? Did the house have to be spotless after the kids left, the laundry done, the week's meals planned and shopped for? Heck no! I think the hardest part of retirement has been to learn to let go of scheduled and imagined obligations. I even asked my sister-in-law, "How do YOU do retirement?" She looked at me sort of puzzled.

Especially with starting my Granny Keto business, I imagined that I would be up at the crack of dawn, coffee mug in hand, catching up on all social media things having to do with Granny Keto, then sitting and writing blogs, newsletters, recipes, FAQs, etc. Throw in an hour or two of cleaning and organizing, another hour reading or otherwise catching up with the latest in my field. I felt that I was doing retirement "wrong" and that I wasn't doing all this according to schedule and accompanying lists. I even accepted two papers to edit (I was a copy editor for academic journals in my past life — my husband said to accept the job to keep my mind sharp...he said this at 11 AM as I sat in my nightgown with my second cup of coffee, watching Dr. Phil reruns). Other than my morning visits with Dr. Phil, when I retired I hit the ground running — having the grandchildren stay over, a dozen trips to the dump and Goodwill while I am trying to organize and downsize my possessions, house hunting 50 miles away at least once a week, and still keeping up with everything else. 

Relax, you crazy woman!!!

With this state of exhaustion and being pulled in a 100 directions, I have hit a low, both in taking care of myself and in doing what I set out to do in retirement. I promised a newsletter on September 1st and it has not even been written yet. I got so tired with all the company and the overabundance of food (I may be weird, but I do NOT like an overstuffed refrigerator with too many food choices), that I started to long for simple salads, which I love, and not eating so much every day. I barely kept Keto this past week and started really panicking about a small weight gain (yes, lovelies, you can gain weight on Keto). I missed my blog and recipe for the first time last week (I didn't even miss these the week I was in Italy!). I lost sight of what was important and how I really did want to move forward in my retirement. I do want to sit in the mornings — maybe not necessarily first thing in front of the computer — I have a lovely deck and a lovely yard...why not sit there for my first cup of coffee? I still do want to clean and organize and house hunt, but I don't have devote hours to it everyday — especially when we are in a heat wave here and we do not have air-conditioning...AND we don't actually have to move! I will edit the two papers because I already committed to doing them, but truth be told, if I keep up in my field of nutritional counseling my mind will stay sharp enough, believe me. 

I have come to realize, this first month of retirement, that calmly moving forward will get me to my goals a lot faster than scurrying in each direction in a frenzy in a quest to do retirement "right." This is an adjustment period and I must be kind to myself in the process. I am learning to define retirement as I go along, but I do know for sure that it includes taking better care of myself through relaxation, reflection and regrouping in order to keep my commitment to two things: successful Keto for myself and helping other people through Granny Keto.