Today I am feeling happiness and hope (isn’t today’s picture perfect for that?). Well, truth be told, that is sort of my default way of being anyway, but today I am applying it to my coaching and my WOE (way of eating), specifically. I had my own coaching today (where I am the client and I have a life coach), and I was able to untangle a few things with regard to my “stuff”. I am not overwhelmed at all, but I have so much to do, and I was worried that the work on one was “buffering” the work on the other. By buffer, I mean using one thing to avoid or distract myself from doing the other thing. My conundrum was that everything is important and I want it to get all done, and is it just a matter of time management? Conundrum solved. My coach and I talked about blocking out time, and that I might be better served to do my Granny Keto work first, and then do the coaching classes later as a reward.

Using the feeling of uplifted for Keto

I want to talk about what today’s feeling has to specifically do with Keto - for me AND you. In addition to my coaching call this morning, I also did work on my protocol that I set up yesterday for myself. It is evolving until I find just the right blend of rules and behaviors that serve me, but I was using feeling good about myself to write it from a place of service and love, not from a place of punishment and disappointment in myself. Come on…you know what I am talking about. The thoughts that come from being mad at yourself that look something like: I am only going to drink water until noon; exercise an hour; not have anything pleasurable; make it all icky bars and salads; etc. Instead love yourself and write your protocol from an uplifted spirit: What ways do I like to eat? What foods do I enjoy? What foods and habits nourish me? How can I be gentle with myself while still setting rules? Be uplifted that you are worthy of approaching your eating plan this way. Be uplifted that it is written just for you and your needs and likes. Be uplifted. You are worth it!

Uplifted = Excitement

Okay ya’ll. Does this even need explanation?