When life happens

Grannyketo.com Blog: When life happens

So yesterday my husband had a 3 1/2 hour dental appointment in the city that went from 4PM - 7:30PM. Because we never EVER go out at night I was counting on dinner out - at a fantastic steakhouse by the way, so I was already salivating over a wedge salad and ribeye. On the face of it, while we were driving to the city even my husband thought it would be a great idea. After 3 1/2 hours in chair (believe it or not without novocaine) he just wanted to go home. I don’t blame the poor guy, but I had been looking forward to this night out since he made the appointment as did he. Furthermore I would have thrown some salami sticks in my purse if I knew it was going to be 3 1/2 hours and we would get home - without dinner - after 8PM. Oh well.

When life happens to Keto

Yesterday before leaving for the dentist I wrote out my protocol for the day:

  • Coffee with heavy cream in the morning

  • Around 10AM: Fresh salad with oil, protein

  • Coffee with heavy cream around 2-3PM

  • Around 5-7PM: Fresh salad with oil or cooked green vegetable with butter, protein

  • Optional: 1/4 cup of fresh blueberries

  • Nothing after dinner

    Okay - look to the left. That is what remained of yesterday’s protocol. I had my morning coffee and some salad and vegetables. Around 8:30PM I had some cream cheese and a hard-boiled egg (my husband made me a filet mignon but I didn’t like the taste of the meat and I no longer eat what I don’t like). That’s it folks. The best part of this experience is the I wasn’t looking all night for food to fill in the void. I just went with the flow. Even for Granny Keto and all her planning, she sometimes lands up with half her plans erased. Oh wait - there is an even better best part: If I had any doubts about being fat-adapted those doubts were put to rest.

Life happens = Excitement

What? Okay so let me back up here. I am following a “theme” this month with blogs and showing how we can take an emotion or, in this case circumstance, and turn it into excitement moving forward. Yes I was hungry because we were eating so late. No it didn’t go according to plan. No I didn't like what there was for dinner. So where’s the excitement? ANSWER: I got to flex my decision muscles and build new neural pathways last night. How exciting, wouldn't you say? Seriously, I have been working with my coaching classes for a while and what I have learned is that the main thing to moving forward is MINDSET. I got to practice a brand-new mindset. No, I didn’t eat as planned (either food or protocol) BUT I didn’t fall into old familiar behaviors, which would have been to eat large quantities of anything available. I sat quietly and asked myself first, if I was hungry. When the answer came back “yes,” I asked what was available and I looked at everything I could eat (Keto or not) and asked myself what my body needed. Did it need something creamy or crunch? Did it need something fatty or light? (Could I eat fatty AND light - which I did?) I took the time to sit quietly and ask myself these questions and really come to the answer. I find it exceptionally exciting that I did this. Can you find some excitement in an ordinary day, especially one that needed an eraser?