This morning, as part of my homework, I had to, as usual, pick one thing that I wanted to accomplish today. I sort of surprised myself and wrote, “Make an eating protocol the way I would for a client who has stalled but still does not want to track.” Hmm. Then the question was, “What emotion do you want to fuel this action/result?” I realized that I have to start by just being willing to do it! Several of my coaching videos in the weight loss portion of the program talks about making a protocol. As a matter or fact, in this blog I did talk about protocol. Key words: “talk about” but I didn’t actually sit down and do it. That is today’s project. I have to be willing to coach myself and face the truth about what and how I am eating and put some reins on the “reigner” - okay that is not a word, but get it? I am the queen of my own domain but it’s time to rein me in.

Using the feeling of being willing with Keto

It actually feels good for me to do this. I’m not feeling that I want to fight it or run away from it. Think of a swaddled baby - it is safe and warm and saved from its own startle reflexes. A little older, and yes the baby fights the swaddle, but at the beginning it’s a good practice to have. Well I have been at the fighting-the-swaddle stage, even with just a protocol and not a specific food list, but it’s time to save me from myself. I said to myself, how would I coach a client who is kicking and screaming over weighing, measuring and tracking (that would be me, folks) but yet introduce some “swaddling”. I am going to work on it more today when I am finished here but basically it is this: 1. Coffee with heavy cream in the morning. 2. Mid-morning or early afternoon (IF hungry) one medium plate with a large handful of salad; olive oil; a fatty protein or, if not a fatty protein (like a piece of chicken or seafood), then served with a tartar sauce or cream sauce; optional: 1/2 avocado. 3. Mid-to-late afternoon, IF desired, another coffee or cappuccino. 4. Dinner: fatty protein and small salad with olive oil or cooked vegetable with butter. 5. Optional: 1/4 cup fresh blueberries with a couple of spoons of full-fat greek yogurt. 6. Nothing after dinner.

This leaves the food choices wide open, yet perfectly fits macros. I know this because I ate like this for months at the beginning when I was new to Keto. I also have a favorite dish for these meals (a beautiful oval plate from Italy) and if I eat what is on the plate and don’t go for more, the amount - as well as the food choices - will also perfectly fit my macros.

If it’s this easy, why have I been stalled? Because, although I stuck to the Keto food choices, I didn’t stick to the protocols of one serving, salad OR cooked vegetable, nothing after dinner, etc. I think following this protocol will be satisfying and bring me a lot of success.

Willing = Excitement

See a theme here? This willingness is quite exciting. Not the emotion of willing itself, but the actions and results that come from the feeling of being willing. I am excited to perfect this swaddle, oh I mean protocol, so that it is comfortable and safe. I am excited that doing so might actually break the stall I am in without signing up again for a digital tracker, figuring out macros, and then making myself crazy with them. I am willing to explore this. I am willing to do this. What are YOU willing to do today?