Custom Coaching to Meet Your Needs

GRANNY KETO is here to help you with your Keto journey. Keto (short for ketogenic) is a nutritional lifestyle whose highlights include adequate protein, foods low in carbohydrates and healthy high-fat foods. The pace can be all in (following Keto from the start or picking up your Keto journey where it is now) or you can transition in with a step-by-step approach that will get you into eating Keto before you know it. You can also stay at one of the transition phases as your permanent "landing spot" without moving on, or you can spend as long as you want at one step and then move on – that is your decision. You can be the person who likes to jump in at the deep end (Full Keto) or dip your toes in one step at a time (The Granny Keto Transitions Program™).

Over 50 with a family to please?

I can help all age groups at all stages, but as you can tell from my name – GRANNY KETO – I can especially help women over 50 (granny or not!) who may or may not be "professional" life-long dieters who are sick of no results and want to face their NEXT 50 years healthy, energetic and off the diet merry-go-round. Have grandkids who are clamoring for cookies? I am the coach for you! Have a husband who is a meat-and-potatoes man and never wants to try anything new? I am the coach for you! Have a family who absolutely will not go along with your latest way of eating? I am the coach for you! Have holidays, Sunday brunches and dinners with lots of people whom you are trying to satisfy (and impress!) while also enjoying the meal yourself? I am the coach for you! 

Find the coaching program that works for you

I offer one-on-one coaching and group coaching with either phone or video calls, and I give personal recommendations for your success. You can find just what you need with individual coaching, group coaching or friends and family options!  

Miriam is on top of her game and will make anyone a great coach. She is always positive and upbeat. I have seen her lifestyle change since starting Keto. Not only does she look amazing but is so much healthier too. She has walked in your shoes and knows how it feels; whether you are thinking about this for weight loss or for your health, she will be there for you every step of the way. Not only will she make you a great coach, but you will be gaining a new friend too.
— Cyndy (Ohio)
Granny Keto Coaching Program Choices

Keto Coaching Packages

This program is for groups and individuals following Keto from the start or picking up a Keto journey where it is now. All options require a four-week commitment. For savings, bring a friend or family member to join you in an ongoing group or create your own!


My unique Granny Keto Transitions Program™ is for those who need more time making the switch to Keto. This 10-week program is for groups and individuals who want to transition to a full Keto lifestyle, but prefer to take things slowly to get used to each change sequentially. Take advantage of friends and family pricing. Read more here.

Choose Your Steps

For the greatest degree of choice, you can choose one or more of the five steps of my Transitions program that lead to the sixth step of a full Keto lifestyle. Each step takes three weeks (or six weeks with coaching every other week). You can do this with individual coaching or friends and family group coaching (for the most savings!). I will also assemble regular groups for each step as interest dictates.