About Granny Keto's Chew the Fat Podcast

GrannyKeto.com: About the Chew the Fat podcast

Granny Keto’s Chew the Fat is a very unique podcast in the Keto community. I’m Miriam Hatoum (“Granny Keto”) and I’ll speak to the older (but better!) crowd who have unique health needs and unique family and work issues. This age group (generally the over-50 crowd, but even younger people can learn things from this podcast) has its own WHYs for following the Ketogenic way of eating. Your WHY might be eliminating joint pain, reversing Type 2 diabetes, eliminating the need for medication, learning what can be done to reverse or slow the path of dementia or Alzheimer’s, finding mental focus and energy, or just downright feeling better!

We in this age group are at a new season in our lives — or soon to come upon it — and our needs or upcoming needs might be different. Are you traveling and eating out more? Are you looking ahead to (or in) retirement? Are you sandwiched in between adult children and elderly parents? Are you facing down joint replacement? Have you had heart issues? Are you perfectly healthy with no problems and you want it to stay that way?

Join me as I address all these issues and more. But, really unique to this podcast (other than speaking to the over-50 crowd) is that I’ll be following individuals or couples through their Keto journeys, at whatever stage they are, but mostly people new to Keto. The guests might start by preparing their kitchens for Keto, starting at Step One of my Keto Transitions Program, with the elimination of sugar and baked goods. Some might go no further than that and some might go all the way to Ketogenic eating. It will be interesting to follow guests who are couples who individually may go to a different step of Transitions.

Every week, in addition to having interviews with guests starting and following Keto, I’ll discuss topics of interest to you and sharing what’s happening in my own Keto life. I’m also looking forward to having guest interviews with successful people in the Keto community.

If there’s something you’d like to hear about in a future podcast, just ask Granny!

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