Episode 6: Oh, God! I'm Doing Math Again!


In this episode Granny Keto works one-on-one with Chris to explain macros. He is planning a ski trip to Telluride and is concerned about skiing at such a high altitude and now that he is used to Keto concepts, he is ready to buckle down and look at his macros. The general percentage of these macros (based on weight and body composition) is 5% total carbs (which usually comes to 20 grams), 20–25% protein (for a guy this comes to 80–100 grams), and then 70–75% fat. This usually figures at a rate of fat being 1.5 to 2 times the grams of protein. In other words, if you are eating 80 grams of protein, your intake of fat will be 120–160 grams. On Chris’ skiing trip he might eat up to three times the fat, or even increase his protein intake so that his body will be nourished as it needs to be; he can probably even go up a bit on the carbs with no effect on his ketosis.

Click here to read the blog post, “Macros in pictures,” for more details.

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