Episode 7: Natural Nature

Will and Laura of Miner & Major Keto

Will and Laura of Miner & Major Keto

This week, Granny Keto chats with a lovely couple from the Florida Keys who has successfully done full Keto as a couple. See what got them started and keeps them going! Will is a ship’s captain and also a DJ, and Laura is a busy stay-at-home mom. See how they make Keto work for them at home, at the workplace, during holidays and on vacation. See one of their favorite go-to recipe, panko-crusted salmon (but they use pork rinds) at Granny’s Table.

Recipe: Salmon-Crusted Panko

Podcast: Miner & Major Keto

Website: minerandmajorketo.com

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Quotes for the week

Will: “Keto on, keto strong.”

Laura: “Find your own keto.”

Miriam: “You have to begin to tell the story of your life as you now want it to be, and discontinue the tales of how it has been or how it is.” - Abraham Hicks

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