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Your Free Guide: Dancing with Keto

You will hear talk in Keto circles about “macros” (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) and tracking in a notebook or on the computer. Come on — you may be taking care of grandkids, be a caretaker for an elderly parent, work full-time or just be sick and tired of doing what may seem like another diet. Let’s make this a new way of life instead of just another measure-count-track diet.

Drawing on my years as a belly dancer and belly dance instructor (yep, you read that right — GRANNY KETO is a fun sort of gal), this short guide will give you ideas about turning rote and boring choreography (the measuring, counting, and tracking) into pure dancing from the heart. Spoiler: You actually have to LEARN to measure a gram of protein, fat, and carbs — you will have to weigh and measure and track at the beginning — but seriously do you want to watch a hot mess of a dancer or do you want to watch a dancer who took time to learn the steps, combinations and nuances before she just listened to her heart and put together her own dance?

DANCING WITH KETO gives you a taste of the Keto dance, but to learn more and to really practice with a teacher, make this a journey with real lessons from me, your personal coach.

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