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Miriam Hatoum ("Granny Keto")

Hi, I'm Miriam Hatoum, also known as "Granny Keto." You can put your trust in me. My dieting history will probably resonate with a lot of you if you are fifty years old or older and this is not your first time looking at weight loss strategies. I want to work with older women who are looking for healthier ways to eat so they can manage their busy lives. You might have grandkids as I do, you might be a caregiver for elderly parents, you might have a demanding job or be facing retirement, or you might have a spouse and family at home (supportive or not) whose ideas about what to serve for dinner are different from yours. My knowledge of, and interest in, all things ketogenic, plus my education and life’s experience put me in a good position to provide you with expertise coaching. I can help you learn new ways of eating, from a low-carb/low-sugar diet to a true ketogenic diet. I can help you find your "why" for making healthy changes and and help you make the transition to taking care of yourself. You are intelligent, capable and a hard worker — it has been the food all these years that failed you, not you who failed the diets! Feel free to browse the site to find out more about my journey and my favorite recipes. Be sure to sign up for my free guide, "Dancing with Keto," to learn more about not having to weigh, measure, count and track in order to be successful! 

I’ve been living Keto and working with Miriam for a little over a year. So far, I’ve lost 60 pounds and many inches of stored areas of fat that were resistant to leave by any other reducing means I have tried over many years. Without Miriam’s mentoring, I’m sure this process would have been slower and more difficult than it needed to be. Having her firsthand experience and expertise available to me is a big help. She answers my many questions, encourages me when I need a booster shot, and offers constructive suggestions that enable me to make the right decisions for me personally, as I continue along this path toward health and fitness.
— Karen (Connecticut)

Choose your nutritional path and I'll be your guide 


I am here to help you with your journey to optimal nutrition with custom coaching packages to suit your goals and your lifestyle. Learn new ways of eating, from a low-carb/low-sugar diet to a true ketogenic ("Keto") diet. Keto is a nutritional lifestyle whose highlights include ample protein, foods low in carbohydrates, and healthy high-fat foods. Your pace can be all in (following Keto from the start or picking up your Keto journey where it is now) or gradual with my 10-week Granny Keto Transitions Program™. Stay at one of the transition phases as your permanent "landing spot," or spend several months mastering one step before moving on – that is your decision. And whichever path you choose, I'll help you find your "why" so the changes you make will last a lifetime.

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